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Point of View has four missions
1) To rehab orphan or injured wildlife and release them back into the wild
2) To provide a permanent home for wildlife that cannot be released
3) To enhance the environment of POVF (262 acres) for wildlife
4) To engage in educational activities about the wildlife of West Virginia.

Over the past 16 years POVF has raised and released hundreds of animals while others have had a home till they died .
POVF has about 100 acres of meadows which is kept fallow, mowing only any trees which spring up and the multiflora rose and autumn olive. We have planted thousands of trees and have established an orchard large enough so that the bears can snack on the fruit. This they do by breaking down the trees.
With contracts through the WV division of Forestry and the US Dept. of Agriculture we have further dug ponds, planted warm season grasses, opened new areas and planted specific plants for wildlife.