From Joe

I established Point of View Farm, Inc. (POVF) in the year 2000 as a 501 ( c) (3) non-profit charitable organization with the IRS. Point of View Farm, Inc. then bought the property you see on these Facebook pages. POVF is located 6 miles outside of Hillsboro, WV on the east side of the Greenbrier River. Access is only by driving 450 feet through the river or by hiking through miles of state forest wilderness.

Over the past 16 years I have raised and released hundreds of animals. Others have had a home till they died and I currently have two owls and a black vulture that cannot be released.

POVF has about 100 acres of meadows which I keep fallow, mowing only any trees which spring up and the multiflora rose and autumn olive. I have planted thousands of trees and have established an orchard large enough so that the bears can snack on the fruit. This they do by breaking down the trees. I will put up a picture of this.

With contracts through the WV division of Forestry and the US Dept. of Agriculture I have further dug ponds, planted warm season grasses, opened new areas and planted specific plants for wildlife.

Over the years large groups of people from around the world have come to POVF and learned about our wildlife and seen the animals I was caring for. When possible I have also taken animals to our schools so that kids can actually see them and learn about them. I hope to take Koda to some schools in the next couple of weeks. Kids especially like to see bear cubs and become very engaged when I am there.

All the resources of POVF are used by the organization. There are no employees or salaries. I receive no remuneration for what I do. When I established POVF I fully funded the entire operation. 99% is still funded by me. I do not own POVF. By being a non-profit it is an independent entity.

So, none of this happens at POVF. I do what I do out of a passion. I am a 24/7/365 day a year guy who loves all the ups and downs of just trying. I have no “weekends,” no “holidays,” no “vacations.” Every day for me is a day of wonder and excitement just living the experiences.

AND AGAIN I want to thank all of you who have become a part of POVF by donating your hard earned money to this operation. By caring so much all of you have indeed become a part of what I do. And I hope all of you take pride in knowing that I do all of this for you, too.

I want also to thank everyone who has rescued an injured or orphaned animals and sent it to POVF. Not all the animals survive, but at least they get a chance here.